print ephemera (70 total)

Reliable English Spoken (1931)
Mailing Envelope for Silver Bells from Hiroshima (magazine)
List of Useful Words and Phrases (Sept., 1945)
Parlez Vous Japanese? (n.d.)
This Week in Tokyo (Sept. 2, 1957)
Metropolitan Tokyo and the City of Kyoto (May 1957)
This Week's Attractions (1933)
Chocolat d'Aiguebelle "The Russo-Japanese War" Trade Cards
Monthly Attractions in the Kansai District (1936)
See . . . Enjoy Fascinating Japan (1958)
Visit Japan for a New Viewpoint (1958)
A Summer Trip that Thousands Can Now Afford (1935)
Beautiful Japan (n.d.)
Spring's Awakening in Japan (1930)
Guest of Japan, Key to Japan's Hospitality (1933)
Singer Manufacturing Co. Trade Card (n.d.)
La Crosse Soap Co.'s Sweet Home Soap
International Shopping Nook, Kobe (n.d.)
Acme Dry Goods Shop
Y. Tsuruki Japanese and Chinese Fine Art Curios (n.d.)
Amita Damascene and Silver Jewelry (n.d.)
Shopping Guide (1947)
Tatsumura Silk Mansion (n.d.)
K. Hayashi & Co., Ltd. (n.d.)
Tokyo Mitsukoshi Department Store Guide (n.d.)
Daruma Co. Business Card (n.d.)
K. Hayashi Kimono Dep't Store (n.d.)
The Cup That Cheers (n.d.)
Kanebo Silk (n.d.)
Paramount Gift Shoppe New Kobe (n.d.)
See Nippon First in 16mm Films
Put the Strength of America Behind it's Punch
Japan's Hour of Doom (n.d.)
Program of Events, S.S. Chiyo Maru (T.K.K., 1915)
One Million Smiles (1947)
Calendar - Fujiya Hotel, Miyanoshita, Japan (n.d.)
Dinner menu, S.S. President Coolidge (American President Line, 19 Aug. 1941)
Japanese Village, Seattle World's Fair (Free Courtesy Ticket)
You and I Put the Squeeze on the Japanese!
Photo Christmas Card (n.d.)
Souvenir Passenger List, M.S. Hikawa Maru (N.Y.K.)
Programme of Events, M.V. Yasukuni Maru (N.Y.K., 1938)
Variety Show program, S.S. Taiyo Maru (N.Y.K., 1938)
Variety Show program, S.S. Taiyo Maru (N.Y.K., 1938)
Asama Maru Theatre, S.S. Asama Maru (N.Y.K., 1940)
Dinner menu, M.S. Hikawa Maru (N.Y.K., 4 Aug. 1930)
Menu, S.S. Santo Maru (9 Dec. 1909)
Souvenir Passenger List, M.S. Chichibu Maru (N.Y.K.)
Passenger List Souvenir, S.S. Siberia (1924)
Raw Silk (Nankisha)
Gold Umbrella (Gunze Raw Silk Mfg. Co.)
Restaurant Daikichi (Daikichi Shokudō)
Cafe Gurando
Cafe Ririan
Cafe Misu Nippon
Hiroshima Cafe
Cafe Furusato
Restrant Benisu Cafe
Salon Itto
Cafe Kinshi
Dance (Gunze Raw Silk)
Raw Silk (Kanaikumiai)
Japanese Doll (Hara & Co.)
Filature Manufactured by Kosuisha
Japan Cotton and Silk Trading Co., Inc.
Continental (Japan Cotton and Silk Trading Co., Inc.)
Books on Japan (The Hokuseido Press)
We Japanese: Book on Nippon
Tour Japan for Just 10¢ (1956)