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The Re-Envisioning Japan collection began in 2000 with a search for photographic images of early 20th century Japan that might bring the landscape and life of that period into sharper focus. As a result, postcards from the 1900s - 1930s that were readily available through online auctions seeded the collection. I was originally drawn to postcards as visual records of place but soon came to appreciate the many ways that they connect us to the past. Postcards are a versatile format. They encompass a variety of subgenres: snapshot news communications; souvenirs of events, people, and places; casual greetings, pen pal exchanges, or missives that are deeply personal. At least seventeen subgenres make up this object category in this collection, roughly falling into the border-crossing threads that characterize this project: e.g., tourism and travel (hotels, transportation, destinations); visual records of Japan’s presence at international and domestic expositions and exhibitions; advertising, leisure, and entertainment; social work, edification, and information; commemorative events, propaganda, and nationalistic sentiment of both foreign and domestic origin (glimpses of Japan’s rising profile in the international world order). These categories are only examples of the rich diversity that characterizes this mode of communication. Many of these postcards replicate established photographic genres, such as social “types” or prominent tourist locations emblematic of Japan; these in particular might have been collected as souvenirs. Others are notable for their personal messages, reminding us of the days when the postcard was ubiquitous as a global unit of personal communication.
Ever ready on the homefront (1938)
Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Waterloo, Iowa
West Entrance to Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco
Nandemo Saburō
Beautiful Japanese Garden located in University of Washington arboretum
A Modest Supporter of the Allies - Enfant Japonais
Japan National Defense Women's Association, patriotic song postcard (Shufu no tomo)
A Little Jap Maid
Nippon Club, New York
We'll Blow the Jap off the Map! (JC9)
Greetings from U.S. to U (JC5)
Keep 'Em Flying!
Aerial Rail Road Hiei Mt.
A Pillar of Black Smoke Rose in to the Sky, Mt. Aso
Akashi Beach, Harima near Kobe
Japanese Garden, Clear Water, Fla. (1939)
Japanese Tea Garden at Coronado, Cal.
Military Postcard (gunji yūbin), Victory Celebration
Kyoto zoo
Ohara Woman, Kyoto
Japan Tourist Bureau (Yokohama Office)
MInistry of War postcard with Yasukuni Shrine commemorative stamp (27 April 1935)
The Allied Powers
Little Miss Yo San (1922)
S.S. Chiyo Maru, Public Garden at Takamatsu
S.S. Chiyo Maru, Ancient Daimyo
S.S. Chiyo Maru, The Torii and the Futaarasan Temple, Nikko
The Wonderful Sight of Tozinbo at Echizen
The Wonderful Sight of Tozinbo at Echizen
The Wonderful Sight of Tozinbo at Echizen
The Wonderful Sight of Tozinbo at Echizen
The Wonderful Sight of Tozinbo at Echizen
The Wonderful Sight of Tozinbo at Echizen
The Wonderful Sight of Tozinbo at Echizen
Togetsu Bridge, Kyoto
Mitsukoshi Dept-store viewed from Nihonbashi (Great Tokyo)
Just a Little Something to Remember Pearl Harbor! (JC6)
Two of a Kind! (JC10)
Japanese Garden of a California Home
Sanbashi to Zeikan Tsuruga (Tsuruga Meishō)
Our Japanese Sweetheart
[Young girl in pink kimono]
Moji Harbor
Shōkyokusai Tenkatsu
The Lake-Side Hotel
Multiple Babies
Japan Tea, An Ideal Health Builder
50th Anniversary of the Imperial Rescript on Education (1940)
River Hotsu, Kyoto
The Head Office of the South Manchurian Railway Co., Dairen
Map of the Special Military Exercises of 1909
Cherry-blossoms Gion at Kyoto
Envelope, The Top of Mt. Fuji postcard set
Kurishima Sumiko
The Japan Rhine
The Japan Rhine
Under Two Flags
Japanese Musicians
The Grand Sight of Sanjo Street Where the Several Shops and Company Arranged
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Usa Jingu and Famous Grotto
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
The Nihonbashi Bridge
The Mitsukoshi Dept. Store, Nihonbashi; The Takashimaya Dept. Store, Nihonbashi; the Nihonbashi Bridge
The Ginza Main Street; Kabukiza Theatre, Tokyo
G.H.Q Building, Tokyo
Thanks to Our Soldiers
Kiyoshikōin Seichō-ji, Takarazuka
General Nogi (Count Nogi Maresuke)
The Graveyard of the late Gen. Nogi at Aoyama
The Residence of the late Gen. Nogi
Foreign delegates in the procession (6)
Flowers sent by the foreign envoys (1)
The late Gen. Nogi's Corpse drawn by soldiers & his loved horses (4)
Flowers sent by H.I.M. The Emperor (2)
The late Mme. Nogi (5)
British navy officer's carrying the late Gen. Nogi's Decorations (8)
Navy and army officers in the procession (7)
Picture of movies, taking a still of Sessue Hayakawa, Antioch
Child and hand mirror (1905)
Sanjusangen-do at Kyoto
Woman and Child (S. Chiostri)
Ryōgokubashi and Kokugikan
Our Army Captured Takubokujo
The Russian fleet was destroyed by the Japanese fleet at Port Arthur
The Rear Attack of Port Arthur
Russia Man-of-War in Port
Japanese Garden, Clemison Park, Middletown, N.Y.
The Restorative Asakusa Rokku, Tokyo Famous Places of Social Amusements
Rokkakudo, Kyoto
The Great Buddha Kamakura Japan
Die berühmten japanischen Original-Equilibristen J.F. Namba (J.F. Namba Acting Troupe)
The Matsuzakaya Department Store at Ueno, Tokyo
Japanese Priest
A Japanese Game
Sunrise in Japan
Afternoon Tea
Japanese SDF Air Force
Which will arrive first? (Insurance ad)
Two samurai and a merchant
Three samurai before a castle
Young samurai with pole
Samurai striking with sword
[Two young girls]
The Japanese Garden, Allenwood Inn on Lake Champlain Burlington, Vermont
Harry Smith
Japanese Gardens, Como Park, St. Paul, Minn.
Japan - Children with Friendship Dolls
In the Japanese Gardens - Pavilion of Japan and Formosa (San Diego, 1915-1917)
On Board S.S. Mongolia, Mt. Fuji, Japan
On Board S.S. Manchuria, Temple Gate, Japan
On Board S.S. Manchuria, Wisteria Arbor, Japan
Sarusawa Pond, Nara
Tokyo Station (Great Tokyo)
In the Gardens of Fair Japan (Japan-British Exhibition, London, 1910)
Japanese Garden and Pavilion, A Century of Progress, Chicago (1933)
Japanese Village (The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909)
Dairen Hospital Noted for its Well Equipment
Daibutsu (Great Buddha) on the route of the Northwest Orient Express
Ninnaji Omuro, Kyoto
Asakusa Amusement Park (Greater Tokyo)
Nakamura Utaemon V and Onoe Baikō VI in the Kabuki play Twenty-four Paragons of Filial Piety (Imperial Theater, Nov. 1916)
Envelope for Great-Nagoya postcard set
Mrs. Hayakawa in A Tokio Siren
The Mibu Farce, Kyoto
Night view of Ginza
The 10th Anniversary of the Shinkansen
Women Divers at Work
A View of Rokku of Asakusa Park
Senju Bridge (between Fukagawa and Nihonbashi)
The Yasukuni Shrine in Kudan
The Main Temple of Asakusa Kwannon
Nogi Villa (Akasaka)
Hibiya Park
Sixth District of Asakusa Park (Asakusa Entertainment Center)
Eitai Bridge (Fukagawa)
Ueno Station
Meiji Shrine
Matsuya Department Store and Seibu Train Line Asakusa Station
Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, Meiji Shrine Gaien (Outer Precinct)
Matsuzakaya Department Store
Diet Building
Sakuradamon Gate
Ryōgoku Kokugikan (Ryōgoku Sumo Hall)
Shiba Tōshōgu Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine
Nijūbashi, The Imperial Palace
Ginza Street
Nakamise and Niōmon Gate (in Asakusa Park)
The Zoological Garden (Ueno Park)
Imperial University
Bronze Statue of Saigō Takamori (in Ueno Park)
Bronze Statue of Kusunoki Masashige (in front of the Imperial Palace)
Tombs of the Loyal Forty-Seven Rōnin
Kyōritsu Women's Vocational School commemorative postcard (1907)
Hakubutsukan, Kyoto
Kyoto Great Exhibition Commemorating Emperor Shōwa's Enthronement
Japanische Schönheiten (Japanese Beauties)
Tsukiko Sazanami, Akiko Hisami, Mitsuko Baisho
Kiyomizdu Temple, Kyoto
Kinkakuji, Kyoto
Sea Bathing in Kashiwazaki Bay (Famous Sites of Kashiwazaki)
Hostess and Guests at Tea Ceremony
Japan, Man-of-War
Natsukawa Shizue
The Daibutsu at Kamakura and Nikko Temples
The Cha-no-yu or Tea Ceremony and The Odori - A Dramatic Dance
Peace commemorative postcard (July 1, 1919)
Kasuga-okuyama (Nara) commemorative postcard
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Japanese Gardens of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Warner
First Class Transportation in Japan
Spinning Cotton
Sunrise from Daikanbo, Volcano Aso
Kusasenri Pasturage from Volcano Mt. Aso
Autumn of Mt. Neko, Volcano Mt. Aso
Mt. Aso in Still Active
Fog in Frozen Over Volcano Mt. Aso
Kusasenri Pass, Volcano Mt. Aso
Crater of Volcano Mt. Aso
Entrance to Shinto Shrine, Naha, Okinawa
Steps to Shinto Shrine, Naha, Okinawa
Naha Park and Shrine, Okinawa
Bailey Bridges, Okinawa
Great Tokyo Post Cards Envelope
The night of Kyoto
Gojio Bridge, Kyoto
The Silver Pavilion, Kyoto
Howdy! from Deep in the Heart of Texas (Bound for Tokyo)
Ginkakuji Garden, Kyoto
First Shanghai Incident (Jan. - March, 1932)
The View from a Bed Room Kanaya Hotel, Nikko
Hirose Bazar, Hamano-machi, Nagasaki
The Kyosubashi Bridge, The Asakusa Main Street, The Subway, Tokyo
Shijo Daimarufukin, Kyoto
Triumphant Military Review, 1906
Triumphant Military Review, 1906
Commodore Matthew C. Perry
Big Cherrytree, Maruyama Kyoto
Japanese Village, Wonderland, Revere Beach, Mass.
Kurishima Sumiko (The Peacock's Lament)
Tanaka Kinuyo (promotional still)
Takamine Hideko (promotional still)
Benten Kozō Kikunosuke
Promotional Still, Takarazuka Revue
Promotional Still, Takarazuka Revue
Promotional Still, Takarazuka Revue
Promotional Still, Takarazuka Revue
Japanese Tea Garden, Ocean View Park, VA
National Park, Mt. Daisen
National Park, Mt. Daisen
National Park, Mt. Daisen
National Park, Mt. Daisen
National Park, Mt. Daisen
National Park, Mt. Daisies
National Park, Mt. Daisen
Bundles for Hirohito (Tagged for Tokyo)
The Shishinden of Imperial Palace, Kyoto
Shouts of Bon Voyage! and Cascades of Paper Ribbons Mingle as N.Y. K. Ship Departs
Yasuka Hikōkibu advertisement
Sapporo Beer advertisement
Mitsukoshi Department Store
A Scene from Resurrection (Tolstoy)
A Scene from Resurrection (Tolstoy)
Japan Tea Hall at A Century of Progress, Tea Girls in Native Costumes (Chicago, 1933)
Headquarters, Far East Air Forces, Tokyo, Japan
Envelope, Mt. Fuji postcard set
The Tsutenkaku Shinsekai Runa-Park, Osaka (RPPC)
Japanese Gardens, Clearwater, Belleair, Florida
Nara Park, popularly known as Deer Park
Zojoji Temple, Tokyo
Nikko Shrine: Yomeimon Gate
Winter Sports
Those Japs will soon be Slap-Happy! (JC3)
Putting the Heel in the Right Place! (JC8)
The Bird For the Job! (JC4)
Boy! Will We Land Them Japs on their AXIS! (JC1)
Skating in Nikko from December to February (Nikko-Kanaya Hotel)
Russo-Japanese Peace Commission in Conference at Portsmouth Navy Yard U.S.A., August 1905 (Peace Commission Post Card
Japan (The Allies Series K2), 1914
Nikko National Park: Sacred Bridge
Star Festival
Noh Plays
Musician Playing
Snow Country
Philco Series (Many Happy Returns), 1910
North Japan College (Tohoku Gakuin) and Dormitory, Sendai Japan
Nikko Shrine: Heiden (Offering Hall)
Nikko Shrine: Front View of Yomei-mon Gate
Miyako Odori (Cherry Dance)
Nikko Shrine: Five-Storeyed Pagoda
Morioka Kindergarten Boys:- "Dr. Franklin, Banzai!"
Souvenir of Tokyo's Pigeon Bus Tour's Jan 29th, 1963
Tea House, Japanese Garden, Eagles Nest, Clearwater, Belleair, Fla.
Japanese Garden at Night, Rockefeller Center, New York City (1941)
Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Calif.
Tokyo / Ginza (21st century)
Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)
O-koto-san arrives at her friend's house
Good night
O-koto-san returns home and chats to her maid while partaking of supper
O-koto-san at her morning toilet
O-koto-san receives a letter from her fiance at the war
Kokusai Theater, Asakusa
Children of the League of Nations - Japan
Japanische Schönheiten (Japanese Beauties)
Kyoto in San Diego (Sea World)
Korakuen Park, Okayama
Gionmachi Kyoto
Ichimura Uzaemon XV and Onoe Baikō VI in Scarface Yosa (Kirare Yosa)
Miss Natsuko of the World's Best Arita Circus
Advertisement for rubber-soled footwear
Treaty of Versailles Commemorative postcard (July 1, 1919)
Commemoration of Peace, July 1, 1919
Postal Commemorative postcard, 1919
Envelope to set of primary school commemorative postcards
Primary School Commemorative postcard
Primary School Commemorative postcard
Primary School Commemorative postcard
Primary School Commemorative postcard
Primary School Commemorative postcard
Primary School Commemorative postcard
The Crater on the Summit of Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji Viewed from the Lake Kawaguchi
Fuji from Hakone Lake
Fuji from Yamanaka Lake
The Hakone Lake
Fuji from Ukishima
Mt. Fuji as seen from Lake Kawaguchi
Fuji from Sengo-no-hara
Mt. Fuji from Yamanaka
Fuji from Yoshiwara
The Grand View of Mt. Fuji
The Sunrise at Top of Mt. Fuji
Sea in the Clouds at Gogome
An inner at Sengen Shrine at Mt. Fuji
Climbing Mt. Fuji near Mt. Hoei
Steep place, Oyashirazu in Mt. Fuji
Many Mountaineers at Mt. Fuji
The Great Crater at Mt. Fuji
Souvenir of Anglo-Japanese Alliance
Two women
The Dance of Hakodate Song
Dear Little Japanese (1908)
Two Women (1904)
Mother and child
Battle scene
Utamaro - Child Upsetting a Goldfish Bowl
Scenes from the Loyal Forty-Seven Ronin
Scenes from the Loyal Forty Seven Ronin
Emperor and Empress Meiji (Mutsuhito and Shōken) against an illustration of Meiji Shrine
Emperor and Empress Taishō (Yoshihito and Teimei)
Emperor and Empress Taishō (Yoshihito and Teimei)
Prince Hirohito and Princess Nagako
Emperor Showa (Hirohito)
Emperor and Empress Taishō
Emperor and Empress Taishō
Emperor Meiji Burial Site
Emperor Meiji funeral procession
Emperor Meiji funeral procession
Yuigahama of Kamakura
Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha)
Daibutsu, Kamakura
Hachiman Temple, Kamakura
Daibutsu in Kamakura
Daibutsu, Kamakura
Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha)
Daibutsu at Kamakura
Steamer leaving off the pier of Kobe
American Wharf, Kobe
View of Kobe Harbour from Suwayama Hill
Sakaemachi Street, Kobe
Motomachidori, Kobe
Motomachi Ichome, Kobe
The Shinkaichi, Kobe
The Hozu Rapids, Kyoto and The Yamanaka Art Gallery (one of the ceremonial Tea Rooms)
Panorama of Kobe Harbor
Harbour Kobe
Moon on Lake Biwa
Kyoto Palace
The Karasumaru St., Kyoto
Kioto Street Scene
Maruyama Park, Kyoto
Maruyama Park
Pagoda at Yasaka, Kyoto
Temple Kiyomizu at Kyoto
Yasaka Shrine
Place of scenic (physical) beauty, Arashiyama
View of Arashiyama, Kyoto
View of Arashiyama, Kyoto
View of Arashiyama, Kyoto
The Jidai-Matsuri Festival
Maiko and cherry-blossoms, Kyoto
Gojō Bridge
The City Hall, Kyoto
The Japanese International Congress Representatives
An Etiquette Lesson - Margaret K. Long's Girls' School, Tokyo
Mission Women of the Tokyo District
A Japanese pastor distributing tracts
Sarusawa Pagoda at Nara
Senjōkaku Hall and Pagoda
The Hall of the Great Buddha at Todaiji Temple
Kasuga Grand Shrine, Nara
Kasuga Park at Nara
Autograph of Gen. U.S. Grant, still preserved in the City Hall, Nagasaki, Japan
Izumo-Machi, Nagsaki (Prostitute quarters)
Kinshachi (Golden Dolphins of Nagoya Castle)
Stone Monument in Nagasaki Park with Engravings of Gen. U.S. Grant's Autograph
Nagoya Castle
Nagoya City
Shinto Temple at Nagasaki
Mogi Road, Nagasaki
Famous Places at Moji
Mogi, Nagasaki
Views from car window at River Fuji
In Cherry Blossom Time in the country
View of the Peerless Seen from Mitsu Pass
Distant View of Lake Hakone
Fuji seen from Lake Yamanaka
Romantic View of Lake Side, Fuji-Hakone National Park
Scenic Attractions at Lake Kawaguchi
Snowy Views of Mt. Fuji
Envelope - Views of Kobe
Mt. Roko, Kobe
The Nunobiki Waterfall at Kobe
Mt. Maya at Kobe
The Beach of Suma, Kobe
The Flower Watch, Kobe
The Minatogawa Shrine, Kobe
The Whole View of Kobe City
The Great Harbour, Kobe
Japan's Fairest (9291)
Tales from Japan (6965)
I Heard a Gentleman Say Maidens are Fairest in Japan (6964)
Sweet Dreams of Love (6947)
Miss Pomegranite (6952)
Envelope for Japanese Girls set of cards
The Maiko
Colorful Sun Parasols
A Sort of Shop Curtain
Taking a Walk
Women Playing Hanetsuki
Night Scene at Ontario Beach Park, NY
Japanese Dancing Girl Playing the Koto (6950)
Wistaria (6959)
She Visited the Temple With In Full Dress
A Japanese Melody (6940)
[Addressed to Mrs. B.C. Morgan]
A Tokio Belle (9292)
Tea-picking girls
Good Husband Wise Father
P.F.L. Serie XVII, No. 1398
Utagahama, Chuzenji, Lake Nikko
Shanghai Storyteller
North Beach Chejoo
The Crown Prince's Return to the Capital
Issued by the Japanese Red Cross
The 5th Annual Field Day, Aoyama Gakuin
Snow Tunnel (Snow in Nagaoka City)
Snow Tunnel (Snow in Nagaoka City)
[Ice skating]
Sport of Sea Shore
The Famous Beppu
Envelope for Fine Scenes of Misasa Spa Postcard Set
Misasa Spa
Misasa Spa
Misasa Spa
Misasa Spa
Misasa Spa
MIsasa Spa
Matsushima Rikuzen
The Castle of Matsuyama, Iyo
Hoshigasaki, Matsushima
Matsushima Island Sea (View of Matsushima)
[Unidentified view]
A Village Road and House Thatched with Straw
Golden Dragon's Hell (Beppu Hot Springs)
Kintai Bridge, Suo
Iwakuni, Suo
View of Matsubara from Omoto Park
Torii of Itsukushima, MIyajima
The Big Torii, Miyajima, Inland Sea
Miyajima Shrine at Aki
View of Godaido, Matsushima
The Garden of Togyokwan Hotel, Sukegawa, Hitachi
The Hitachi Hiraiso
Heiwa Tower, Enoshima
Shirataki Fudo at Dzushi
The Beach at Yokosuka
Kintai Bridge at Suwo
Cormorants used for fishing
Beppu Spa
The Lighthouse Seen from Kimigaoka
Yamagata Movie District
The Iron Bridge Crossed on the Steep Rocks 60 Metres High, Hakone
The View of Gora Pleasure Ground Taking Advantage of Natural Rocks and Forests, Hakone
The Full View of Hakone Town, the Stage-Post in the Old Feudal Times, Crowded with Knights, Hakone
The View of Miyanoshita, the Most Bustling Place on Mt. Hakone
View of Sendai {View of the City Center)
Envelope for Four Seasons of Aso Postcard Set
Envelope for Northern Island of Japan Hokkaido, 8 Post Cards
Ferryboat and Hakodate
Akan National Park
Lake Toya and Onuma Park
Noboribetsu, the most popular of Hokkaido's hotsprings
Snowy peaks and ravines in Daisetsuzan National Park
Women of an Ainu village pounding rice in a mortar
The antique clocktower . . . a famous landmark in Sapporo
Jozankei spa lying in the suburbs of Sapporo City
Iwakuni Suo Picture Postcard Set Envelope
Kintai Bridge at Iwakuni, Suo Province
Kintai Bridge at Iwakuni, Suo Province
Iwakuni, Suo Province
Kintai Bridge at Iwakuni, Suo Province
Kintai Bridge at Iwakuni, Suo Province
Kikko Garden at Iwakuni, Suo Province
Kintai Bridge at iwakuni, Suo Province
Kikko Garden at iwakuni, Suo Province
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Beppu Hot Springs
Envelope for Custom of Japan postcard set
The Doll festival for girls, the Boy's festival for boys
A scene of the Mikoshi which is a sacred palanquin containing an emblem of Deity
The Great Bell Tower, Asakusa, Japan
Forty-seven Gishi Tombs at Sengakuji, Tokyo
The Copper-Statue of Saigo, Uyeno Park, Tokyo
The Hippopotamus, Ueno Zoo
Ueno Zoo
Sightseeing Bus and Guide
Kabukiza (Kabuki Theater), Tokyo
The Grand Sight of Ginza Street, Tokyo
The Diet Building of Japan
Meiji jingu Gaien (Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery)
Ancient Sakurada Gate (Tokyo)
River Tamagawa (Tokyo)
Akasaka Kwannon Temple (Tokyo)
Saigo's Bronze Statue (Tokyo)
The Black Market in Hibiya Park
The Nihonbashi Bridge, Tokyo
Envelope for Sketch Tokyo No. 3 Postcard Set
Kiyosu Bridge on the River Sumida (Tokyo)
Akasaka Detached Palace (Tokyo)
Envelope for Sketch Tokyo No. ?, postcard set
Hijiribashi Bridge (Tokyo)
Ueno Lotus Pond (Tokyo)
Imperial Sacred Bridge (Tokyo)
Asakusa-nakamise, Tokyo
Pagoda at Tokyo
The Elevated Railway
The Shrine of Asakusa
Wisteria Blossom, Kameido, Tokyo
The Imperial Theatre, Tokyo
Cherry blossom and Ferry boat at Mukojima, Tokyo
Monument at Tokyo
Ginza Street, Tokyo
Nipponbashi (Bridge), Tokyo
Cherry blossoms, Uyeno Park, Tokyo
Asakusa nakamise
Tokyo Under Ground Railway (Great Tokyo)
Tokyo Kaikwan
Mitsubishi Bank, Tokyo
Life on the Water
Morning in the Marunouchi District
The Wholesale Fish Market in Nihonbashi
The View from Ueno (Tokyo)
Nippon Bashi Bridge, Tokyo Province
Jazz and Neon at Night in Ginza
The Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo (Famous Places in Tokyo)
The Shinbashi Station, Tokyo (Famous Places in Tokyo)
Marunouchi Building, Tokyo
Marunouchi Building (Great Tokyo)
The Distant View of Tokyo Japan
The Distant View of Tokyo Japan
No. 278 Pagoda at Uyeno
Zojoji, Shiba (Great Tokyo)
The Crown Prince in London
Yaesu Hotel, Tokyo: Looking Out over Tokyo's Rooftops
Azuma Bridge
Eidai Bridge
Benkei Bridge, Akasaka
Azalea & Peony, Kamata Iris Garden
Spring in Ueno Park
Koganei, Tokyo
At Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo
On Kototo-bashi Bridge, Tokyo
At Asuka-Yama Hill, Tokyo
At Asakusa Park, Tokyo
(Great Tokyo City by Night) View Looking Towards Sudacho from Nihonbashi
Shining Ginza by Countless Neon Lamps
The Bronze of Nanko in Marunouchi (Great Tokyo)
The Entrance of Ueno Park (Great Tokyo)
The Park of the Shrine
The Nio Gate of Kanon at Asakusa
The Horikiri Iris Garden
Kasumigaseki Street
The Ueno Shinobazu Ike Tokyo
Box for The Great Tokyo Postcard Set
Greater Tokyo, Hirokoji from Ueno-Park
Greater Tokyo, Matsuya Asakusa Store
Greater Tokyo, Tokyo Station
Greater Tokyo, Main Entrance at Imperial University
Ginza Street (Shopping Center of Tokyo)
Assembly Hall of Tokyo
Asakusa Business Center at Tokyo
Mitsukoshi Dept-store viewed from Nihonbashi (Great Tokyo)
Ginza Street (Great Tokyo)
The Ginza Main Street, Tokyo
The Tokyo Station, Tokyo
The Akasaka Imperial Palace
The Bank of Japan
Twin Bridge, Imperial Palace, Tokyo (002)
The Interior of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral
Hottas' Garden at Tokyo
The Kokugikan Riogaku, Tokyo (Famous Places in Tokyo)
The Ryogoku Bridge, Tokyo
G.H.Q. at Tokyo
Kaijo Hoken (Sea Insurance) Building; Electric Tram; Teikoku Gekijo (Imperial Theater); Tokyo Station, Tokyo
Nakamise in Asakusa Park (Famous Places in Tokyo)
The Main Hall of Asakusa Kannon (Great Tokyo)
The Diet Building of Japan
Panoramic view of Battleships
Triumphant battle flag
Air, Land, and Sea Forces and Yasukuni Shrine
[Patriotic postcard]
Meeting with Lt. Gen. Wainright, Allied Commander in the Philippines
Keep at it! The enemy is determined too!
New Military Equipment
Mukden Incident, Second Sino-Japanese War
Imperial Army Airplane
Night-time Artillery Fire
The silk worms about 20 days after they hatched
Drying radishes an old man basking in the sun
A Water Coolie
A China Shop in Kyoto
A Basket Seller
Working Woman
Cutting giant butterbur plants in Akita
The Tea Ceremony
Emergency System
Making of Oshiye, Relief Pictures (Japanese Women's Lives)
A blind man
Cormorant fishing (The Japan Rhine)
The Fishing Ground of the East Seaside at Takahama, Wakasa
Yawata Chikuzen
Fisher's House
Female Police Officer
Tea Grinding
Kirishima Shrine, The Emperor's Son is Enrolled in it and Sublime Beauty of Peak of Mt. Takachiho
The Scenery of Obasute Mt. at Shinano
The Seaside of Dannoura
View of Koizumi Kanazawa
Tōkyō Shiyakusho (Tokyo Municipal Office)
The Nihongekijo Theatre and The Kokusai Theatre
Ginza Main Street, Tokyo
Ginza Street
Main Floor, Matsuzakaya (Ueno, Tokyo)
Kanda Ichiba (Kanda Market)
Shinjuku eki (Shinjuku Station)
Crowds in Ginza Street (Festival Commemorating the Capital City's Revival after the Great Kanto Earthquake)
Ginza Ōdōri (Ginza Street)
Nihonbashi (Bridge)
View of Ginza from Sukiyabashi, Tokyo
Nihon Seinenkan (Japan Youth Center)
Memorial Temple of the Great Earthquake 1923
Young Japan
Japanese Garden, Ontario Beach Park, N.Y.
The Mitsubishi and Sumitomo Building Standing High on the Thoroughfare, Nagoya
Souvenir of Rokko Postcard Set Envelope
Mt. Rokkō Ropeway (Famous Sites of Rokkō)
Golf Course (Famous Sites of Rokkō)
VIew of the Mountaintop (Famous Sites of Rokkō)
Mt. Rokkō Memorial Marker (Famous Sites of Rokkō)
Ura-Rokkō - A Roadway Up the Mountain (Famous Sites of Rokkō)
A View of the Cable Car from the Mountaintop (Famous Sites of Rokkō)
The Majestic Summit (Famous Sites of Rokkō)
A Majestic Summit of Rokkō (Famous Sites of Rokkō)
Japanese Gardens, Bradley Park, Peoria, Illinois (1936)
Japanese Tea Garden, Piedmont Park, Oakland, Cal. (1909)
Japanese Miniature Village, Hollywood
Salute to the Japanese Flag (1906)
Oishibashi Airport, Manchuria
Japan, Emperor of Japan
Japanese Tea Garden, Cawston Ostrich Farm, California
Japanese Gardens - Santa Monica S. Cal. (Bernheimer Residence)
Nagoya Castle
Fukkō no HIroshima (Hiroshima Daibutsu and Monument)
Inspecting the Leaf for the Marathon Teas
Hard Boiling Seller
Japanese Garden, Jackson Park, Chicago, Illinois
Canandaigua, Japanese Pagoda
Dragon's Gorge, Revere Beach, Mass.
Mogi, Nagasaki
Ueno Broadway, from Northwest, Tokyo
Nikko Toshogu Shrine
Envelope for Nikko Park Postcard Set
Nikko National Park: Nikko High Way
Nikko National Park: Lake Chuzenji
Nikko National Park: Sacred Bridge
Nikko National Park: Lake Chuzenji
Nikko Shrine: Yomeimon Gate
Nikko National Park: Cable-Car and Mt. Nantai
Nikko National Park: Irohasaka
Nikko National Park: Kegon Fall
Panoramic view of Takarazuka
A view of the Takarazuka Grand Theater
The scenery of Kōrai Bridge and Muko River, Takarazuka
In front of the new Takarazuka Hot Springs
Mikaeri iwa (Looking back rock), Takarazuka
Flower Road, Takarazuka
Grand Dance Hall, Takarazuka Hall
Japanese Tea Garden, San Diego, Coronado, Cal.
Kobe - Une Idole au Japon
Postcard signed by the artist (Nanni), 1909
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis 1904
Marlene Dietrich, Shiseidō whitening cream powder promotional postcard
No. 1 Silhouettes Japonaises - Soldat Japonais (Garde Impériale)
An actor who dances the Noh Play
Shakuhachi, or Direct Bamboo Flute Store
Prince Regent on Horseback
Princess Nagako will be consort of Prince Regent
Tokyo Business Centre
Promenade Deck of N.Y.K. Orient-California Line
Kataoka Ichimatsu in Gunjin Kishitsu (Kabukiza, March)
Summer Resort, Miyanoshita, Japan (Chase & Sanborn)
Manriki Gofukuten
A Pleasant Ride (copyright 1905)
Coaling (Nagasaki, Coaling an American steamship)
Japanese Tea Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif.
Japanese Tea Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif.
Japanese Village, Wonderland, Revere Beach, Mass.
You Tellum, Soldier Boy!
Yoiyama song (the night before the Gion Matsuri)
Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Yard (building the S.S. Katori maru)
The Original Yamamoto & Miss Koyoshi Troupe
Hanayashiki Circus in Asakusa Park
United for Democracy
A Jap Belle (219)
Tea House and Entrance, Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California
Cafe at Dreamland, Coney Island, N.Y. (No. 50)
Beautiful Pool Near Japanese Pagoda in Fairmont Park, PA. PH-1
Japanese Tea House, Ganeston Park, Augusta, Maine
Revere Beach, Mass., Japanese Village, Wonderland Park
Japanese Pagoda, Fairmont Park, Philadelphia, Pa. (No. 334)
The Shanghai Tea Room, Denver, Colorado
Japan, the Land of Picturesque Gardens (Northwest Orient Airlines)
Looking Down on the Japanese Tea House, Yama Farms
Business Center in Yokohama, Industrial Zone in Yokohama (panoramic postcard)
Mt. Rokko tent village
National Park Mount Daisen
The trout Pond, Rokko-san Country-house and the rooms to let. Ryounso
View of golf links on Mt. Rokko
The highest peak of Mt. Rokko 932 m. above sea
Nikko National Park, Ryuzu Fall
The Commemoration of the Peace Exhibition in Tokyo, 1922
Tokyo Tower
Night View of Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower
The Garden of the Shrine Yasukuni Jin-sha & Yushukan
G.H.Q. Building at Tokyo
The Main Hall of the Meiji-jingu (Great Tokyo)
Greater Tokyo, Nippon Youngmen Hall N.Y.H. at Meiji Shrine
Multiview postcards, famous sights in Japan (vignettes)
The Spider Warching by the Window (6951)
Kyoto Beauty (38)
[Girl on riverside]
Der Sieger im Reiche der Mitte (1901)
Navigating Bridge, N.Y.K. Line
Going to Japan
[Children with Parasols]
Looking Forward to Welcoming You All
Entertaining Guests with Ordinary Tea (Sen-Cha)
Japan Green Tea is a World Treasure
"Drink for Longevity"