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The Re-Envisioning Japan Research Collection includes objects representing a wide range of photographic formats and photochemical processes. These include vividly painted glass lantern slides; color and black and white stereographs (also known as stereoviews); personal, commercial, and commemorative souvenir photo albums; albumen photographs made specifically for the tourist trade; small, boxed sets of souvenir photographs; and View Master slides. We are currently in the process of systematically adding these objects to this site. Please check back regularly for new items.
Yokohama, in front of A.R.C. (G.I. photograph)
Yokohama, Japan. Dancing Girls Out Walking in the Park (No. 269)
The Japanese Way of Going to Bed (No. 604)
Tokyo, Japan. The Pleasure Garden and Rookery at Narita (No. 610)
Nikko, Japan. Ancient Stone Dog Guarding the Temple (No. 615)
Kyoto, Japan. Ladies Taking Tea under the Maples on Takao River (No. 611)
Kyoto, Japan. Takao River and Rustic Bridge at the Gorge (No. 616)
Kyoto, Japan. Kiyomizu Temple, Shrine of Kwannon's Eight and Twenty Followers (No. 628)
Kyoto, Japan. Ginko Biloma Tree in Road Opposite Kwannon Temple (No. 631)
Yokohama, Japan. Shell Fish Dealer's Stand (No. 629)
Shrine Carried by Youthful Devotees in Festival Procession (No. 638)
Trees and Buildings at Kiyomizu Temple in Japan (No. 634)
Magnificent Stairway Leading to Ni-gwatsu-do Temple Entrance at Nara, Japan (No. 639)
Yokohama, Japan. View of the Bluffs Encompassing Mississippi Bay (No. 644)
Kyoto, Japan. Temple of Inari, Entrance to Hondo (No. 643)
Takao River and Maple Mountain Near Kyoto, Japan (No. 647)
Kyoto, Japan. Entrance to the Famous Temple of Ono Tenjin (No. 645)
Nara, Japan. Kajami (Mirror) Pond, Kajami Temple (No. 651)
Kyoto, Japan. The Hondo of Kiyomizu Temple (No. 648)
Kyoto, Japan. Takao Wheat Gluten Sellers (No. 668)
The Hanging Bell of Nara, Japan (No. 670)
Kyoto, Japan. Entrance to the Main Building, Chion Temple (No. 672)
Nara, Japan. The Thousand Lanterns at Kasuga-no-miya Temple (No. 671)
Yokohama, Japan. A Pathway Through the Tall Reeds at Nogishi (No. 678)
The Tea House at Haneda, Yokohama, Japan (No. 677)
Large Festival Float in the Streets of Yokohama, Japan (No. 686)
The Equestrian Statue of Kusunoki Masashige at Tokyo, Japan (No. 684)
Yokohama, Japan. Four Girls Playing Blind Man's Bluff (No. 689)
Music Stand and Strolling Performers in the Streets of Yokohama, Japan (No. 692)
Steps Leading to the Kiyomizu Temple at Kyoto, Japan (No. 691)
Kyoto, Japan. View of Kiyomizu Temple, from Hondo Porch (No. 696)
Kyoto, Japan. Entrance to the Palace, Taikyoku-den (No. 694)
Yokohama, Japan. A Vegetable Peddler Showing His Stock (No. 700)
Ni-o-mon, or the Gate of the Ni-o, at Nikko (No. 699)
Yokohama, Japan. Entrance to the Fox (Inari) Temple at Haneda (No.606)
Recess Time at a Primary School in Tokyo, Japan
Japan Album
Horikiri, Iris Garden, Japan
A Woman Invoking Cure of the Sick at Tenjin Temple, Osaka, Japan (No. 690)
Japanese Maidens Worshipping at their Shrine, Tokyo (No. 673)
Japanese Boys Coloring Pictures and Using Stereoscope (No. 676)
Japanese Maidens in Norji Park, Tokyo (No. 667)
A View of the River Takao, Near Kyoto, Japan (No. 666)
Japanese Maidens Chatting with a Friend in a Resthouse in the Park, Yokohama (No. 641)
Along the Front of Narita Temple, Tokyo, Japan (No. 621)
Front of the Magnificent Yakushi Temple at Nikko, Japan (No. 619)
A Morning Stroll Amid the Blossoms in Norji Park, Tokyo (No. 607)