brochures and pamphlets (75 total)

Panama Fair & Fair Japan (1914)
Far Eastern Trade (1940)
The 1860s to 1960s from Feudalism to the Edge of Space: Today's Products for a Better Tomorrow (1965)
The Japanese Pavilion (New York World's Fair, 1939)
Japan Exhibits (Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, 1909)
The Manufacturers in Aichi-Prefecture Japan (1933)
Japan's Awful Famine (1905)
Japanese with Pictures (1950)
The Oriental Holiday (N.Y.K., 1931)
Report on Current Living and Working Conditions of Civilian Personnel in Japan (June 1950)
Changing and Unchangeable Japan (n.d.)
Japan (n.d.)
Atami, The Riviera of Japan (n.d.)
Discover Japan [1950s]
Imperial Hotel Brochure (n.d.)
TKK The Pathway to the Sun (Jan. 1925)
Japan (n.d.)
Fujiya Hotel
See How Close the Orient Is! (n.d.)
Fly to Japan (1952)
Round the World Service (May 1935)
Run Away to Sea and Discover the Orient with Pacific Pathways (1960)
Fly Northwest Orient Airlines to the Orient (1956)
Japan in Colorful Autumn (July 1934)
Orient-California-South America [1929]
Around the World with N.Y.K. (1934)
To Japan from Australia via the Phillipines (1928)
5 Day Trip in Japan (1928)
Nikko (n.d.)
Nara Park (Nara Hotel, n.d.)
Nara and its Vicinity (May 1932)
Lotus Time in Japan (n.d.)
To the Far East (n.d.)
An Invitation to Visit Japan
Summer in Japan (Jan. 1937)
Winter Sports in Japan (n.d.)
Sukiyaki (Jan. 1936)
China-Japan Rapid Expresses (n.d.)
American-Canadian High School Teachers' 1939 Tour of Japan (Aug. 1939)
Visit Karuizawa (Manpei Hotel, n.d.)
Keiso Jet Orient Cruise (1962)
Japan [c.1936]
Travel Comforts in Japan [1934]
Summering in Japan (n.d.)
Japan [1930s]
Japan Beautiful (n.d.)
Suggested Motor Tours Around Tōkyō (1940)
Japan in Spring (1952)
Japan Spring-Summer (n.d.)
Your Guide to Japan (1965)
Colorful Japan (n.d.)
Your Guide to Japan (1970)
JAL (Japan Air Lines) Time Tables and Fares (1957)
Hotel New Osaka (n.d.)
Lake Hakone (Hakone Hotel, n.d.)
Hotels in Japan (1935)
Imperial Arcade Shopping Center (n.d.)
Nara Hotel: A Guide to Nara (n.d.)
Summer in Japan (n.d.)
Miyako Hotel Sightseeing Map (n.d.)
Mt. Rokko, the National Park (n.d.)
Japan-China (1921)
Imperial Hotel (1935]
MacKenzie Travel Organization Presents Japan Festival Tours (1957)
Your Guide to Japan (n.d.)
Japan in Winter [1950s]
From the Car Window, Tokyo - Moji (March 1948)
From the Car Window-Kyoto to Shimonoseki (April 1936)
Short Motor Trips Around Tokyo & Yokohama (1932)
Tōyaku Hotel Manseikaku, Hokkaido
16 Day Classic Tour [1960s]
Japan: Around the World Program (1956)
The ABC's of Modern Japan (1946)
Where to Go What to Do in Tokyo (June 10, 1955)