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Moving images defined the 20th century in an unprecedented way. The Re-Envisioning Japan Research Collection focuses on small gauge films (16mm, Regular or Standard 8mm, and Super 8mm) that sometimes fall under the category of orphan works. The small gauge films in the REJ collection include amateur and educational films, stock footage, TV commercials, documentaries, and films marketed for home entertainment. There are critical intersections between small gauge film and tourism and education, especially during the 1920s and 1930s, and again after World War II. In the first half of the 20th century, the growing popularity of amateur travel films reflected the rise of popular tourism. Kodak showcased 16mm as an amateur format when it was introduced in 1923, but as such it was expensive at the time. Amateur filmmaking became increasingly economical with the introduction of Kodak's Regular 8mm (1933) and Super 8mm (1965) formats. Regular 8mm's introduction notably coincided with the introduction of more economical and accessible means of travel in the 1930s. 16mm educational and informational films about Japan’s postwar resurgence and culture, often sponsored by government entities like the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), were plentiful from the 1960-1980s. The REJ collection contains a number of 16mm films made by these organizations. The REJ Research Collection's 16mm and Super 8mm films are also accessible on separate Timelines (see main menu bar above). 16mm titles that are not yet available for streaming are pending copyright clearance. Metadata is continually updated and further contextualization is forthcoming with priority given to titles available for streaming. Regular 8mm titles necessitated a unique scanning workflow during the digitization process and we're currently taking additional steps (including color correction) to optimize them for online access. Please see Technical Details (main menu above) for information concerning the digitization process for currently accessible films. In presenting these films I made the curatorial decision to leave as much leader as possible for each print to enhance the sense of its physicality as a material object. Educational films routinely bear traces of the institutional libraries and working collections to which they once belonged. With some notable exceptions, the films made accessible here are survivors plucked from a vast diaspora of discarded and deaccessioned prints readily available through online auctions.
人形 Japanese Doll
Yanks Bomb Tokyo!
Wyeth's World Cruise: Across Japan in Cherry Blossom Time
Wings to Japan - Pan Am
Two Faces of Japan
Trip for Tat [excerpt]
This World of Ours: Japan
The Japanese Earthquake of Sept. 1, 1923
The Genius of Japan
The Fish from Japan
The Big Picture: You in Japan
Tea House Mouse
Sungraph Tokyo 1 - 5
Sungraph Nara No. 2
Sungraph Kyoto 1-4
Sungraph Fuji No. 1
Summertime in Japan
Spring in Japan
So Small My Island
Prince Akihito
Picturesque Japan
Pete and Gladys: "No Man is Japan"
People and Places: Japan
Oriental Holiday
Nightlife in Tokyo
New Horizons Japan
Natures Patterns: Japan's Classic Beauty
Mothers of Nippon
Living Treasures of Japan
Lantern Serenade
Kyoto Story
Kyoto Saturday Afternoon
Kamikaze Attack at Okinawa
Joy commercial reel
Japanese Mountain Family
Japan's Surrender-Headline Edition
Japan: The Land and the People (Second edition)
Japan: Pacific Neighbor
Japan: of Tradition and Change
Japan: Imperial Power to Industrial Giant (Japan a Nation Transformed 1945-1965)
Japan: Harvests the Sea
Japan: Harvests the Sea
Japan: Harvesting the Land and Sea
Japan: Harvesting the Land and Sea
Japan: Geography, Human and Economic
Japan: Geography, Human and Economic
Japan: An Interdependent Nation
Japan Today: The Spring of Energy
Japan Today From the Driver's Seat of a Concrete Mixer
Japan Today From the Driver's Seat of a Concrete Mixer
Japan The Land and The People (Revised)
Japan the Frozen Moment
Japan Rice-Cakes While You Wait
Japan as Seen From a Rickshaw
Japan An Introduction (revised)
Japan an Industrial Nation at Work
I Don't Want to Change the Subject
House of Hashimoto
Hong Kong/Chinese Street Scenes
Holiday in Japan
Hiroshima Nagasaki August 1945
Gion Festival
Faces of Man: Japan
Faces of Man: Japan
Exotic Nippon
Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby (Beatles Adventures)
Encounter with Japan
Encounter with Japan
Emperor Hirohito
Dodo in the Kid From Outer Space: Dodo in Japan
Defeat of Japan
Collision with Japan 1931-1941
City: Tokyo
Children of Japan: Learning the New, Remembering the Old
Children of Japan: Learning the New, Remembering the Old
Children of Japan
Ceramic Art: Potters of Japan (Part 2)
Boy of Japan: Ito and His Kite
Bombing of Pearl Harbor/Burning of the SS Normandie
Agfa 1937
A Tale of Two Cities
A School Day in Japan
A Journey through Japan
A Day with a Japanese Family
A Day in Tokyo
A Birthday in Japan, USA, USSR
[Stock Footage Wendell Willkie]
[Stock Footage Franklin D. Roosevelt 40th Inauguration Ceremonies]
[Stock Footage Douglas "Wrong-Way" Corrigan]
[Stock Footage Commemorative Event]
[Japan Part 2 Contd.]
[Japan 1970]
[Japan 1960 - T. Harrison Reel no. 2]
[Japan 1960 - T. Harrison Reel no. 1]
[Color 16mm 1950s home movie]
[1981 Trip to Tokyo, Kyoto]